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How To Choose The Perfect Fragrance For Each Room In Your Home!

Have you ever smelt a perfume or aroma that has transported you straight back to specific moment in time? Of course you have, we all have, because smells ring bells! Our sense of smell combined with our sensory memory creates very powerful emotional and mental responses - a number of behavioural studies have even proven that smells trigger more vivid emotional memories than what images do.

Considering how powerful our sensory memory can be, we have created a line up of fragrances recommended for each room in your home. From making the perfect first impression on guests, to fragrances that help you relax in the bedroom, here’s your guide to finding the perfect fragrance for each room in your home!

1. Entrances & Hallways

If you’re aiming to make a good first impression, there’s no better place to start than the hallway. Create a welcoming entrance by using wood-based notes such as cedarwood, oud, patchouli or even leather. Such earthy and warm scents will help you recharge and are good for relaxing your frazzled mind after a long work week.

Our choice: SOIREE

2. Living Spaces

Sweet and floral-based notes help create a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere — perfect for unwinding in while catching your favourite Netflix series. For larger living rooms, consider using two candles to allow the scent to reach all corners of the room.

Our choice: LOVER

3. Dining Areas & Kitchen

As the dining room and kitchen are places where food is being prepared and served, avoid overpowering fragrances. Instead, choose citrus-based notes which are also great in the kitchen as they cut through the savoury smells, keeping the area clean and refreshing.

Our choice: TWILIGHT

4. Bathroom

Fruity notes such as raspberry, apple and lemon can keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean - a must for this high traffic area of your home. Candles also evoke the atmosphere of a spa, adding that extra touch of luxury to the room.

Our choice: VIVID

5. Workspace & Home Office

Trying to boost your productivity? Get fresh based notes for your home office, as it will help you achieve perfect focus and keep distractions at bay. Scents with woods, spices, or resin notes are ideal. Style your desk whilst adding fragrance by using one of our frosted glass candle vessels that add a minimalist design element.

Our choice: ORIGINS

6. Bedrooms

Create a laid-back environment in the bedroom with floral-based notes, which help relieve stress and anxiety. After all, that’s where you recharge after a long and tiring day. Look out for musky fragrances to keep the bedroom vibe calm and relaxing.

Our choice: BLOOM


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