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Fragrance Of The Month: May 2020

It has been a long few weeks for the vast majority of us, and if we're being 100% honest, an adult beverage at the end of the day is the perfect way to switch from day to night.

In saying that, we wouldn't recommend drinking every night (your liver will be grateful), so obviously the next best thing is a candle that's going to give you those same chilled out vibes!

So, we think the perfect candle to reflect this (all throughout the month of may is: SOIREE.

Reminiscent of an aged whisky consumed in the afterglow of warm summer day. SOIREE is our private blend of smooth malt, rich amber and sweet vanilla.

If you love to change up the fragrance in your space, why not spoil yourself with an Urban Alchemy candle subscription? Every month you will receive a beautiful Urban Alchemy candle with the chosen fragrance for that month! Our subscribers even receive exclusive access to fragrances not yet released to the public! Starting at $14 per month, there is an option for everyone and every budget.

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