Meet Angeli Shaw, The Bliss Coach | Urban Alchemy Australia

Meet Angeli Shaw, The Bliss Coach

Tell us about yourself and what it is that you do... 

Angeli Shaw | The Bliss Coach | Urban AlchemyHi there! Angeli here and I’m The BlissCoach. I’m a Certified Consciousness Coach™️, Creatrix®️ Transformologist®️and Head Talk Strategist. I describe myself as a holistic empowerment coach, focusing on not just one, but all aspects of life, and help people achieve their bliss, whatever that may be.

Prior to launching 'The Bliss Coach', I had spent over 20 years as a hair stylist, 10 of those owning my own salon. My expertise also extends from educator to mentor and I pride myself on inspiring others through my soulful approach and growth mindset. I’m also an Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner, and currently continue my studies in aromatherapy, physiology and anatomy.

How do you find your own 'bliss'?

I love nothing more than to surround myself with beautiful things, which is evident when you look throughout our family home (located in the cultural melting pot of Footscray). I’m a vibe person, so the areas of my space are arranged to create a feeling or emotion. Greenery, crystals, candles, raw timber and earthy tones, each item is placed to feed the mind, body or soul. I’m blessed with an abundantly light filled space with large windows surrounding the main living areas which makes the connection to nature and the outdoors easy.

Urban Alchemy | Angeli Shaw | The Bliss CoachI’ve always loved candles, and for many years have used them to add ‘bliss’ to my life. I find the use of fragrance a sensual way to get in touch with the senses - the flames alone are a useful tool in creating focus, stillness and awareness of self. They're also a great way to get you into the zone when meditating, and there’s nothing like a beautiful fragrance to help bring you into the present. There is a lot to be said for the connection between a fragrance and an emotion or feeling, and I try to harness that connection in my self-care practices as much as possible with the use of candles.

Do you have a fav Urban Alchemy fragrance?

Of course I do! I’ve always been an energetic person, and I can’t go past the Vivid candle! Fruity and fun; it fills my space with such a happy vibe, singing out to my inner playful child, and helps in setting the tone for the day ahead!

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