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BLOOM | Camellia, Lotus & Musk

BLOOM | Camellia, Lotus & Musk

The embodiment of the divine feminine and a celebration of mother nature, BLOOM is an aromatic celebration of all things floral.

Fragrance Notes:
Fragrance Family: Floral
Top Notes: Bergamot and Lemon Peel
Heart Notes: Pink Camellia and Lotus Blossom
Base Notes: Amber and White Musk


LOVER | Marshmallow, Jasmine & White Cedar

Complex, sweet and sensual: a love letter to the senses. LOVER is an explosion of sweet florals and soft musks which gives rise to a vibrant and feminine fragrance.

Fragrance Notes:
Fragrance Family: Floral
Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot and Sugarcane 
Heart Notes: Marshmallow, Huckleberry, Ylang Ylang, Anise and Jasmine
Base Notes: White Cedar, Sweet Amber, Madagascan Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood


ORIGINS | Pine, Eucalyptus & Sandalwood

An ode to our home and its native flora, ORIGINS is the fragrant signature of Australia. Fresh, distinct and familiar – this is our origin story.

Fragrance Notes:
Fragrance Family: Earthy & Fresh
Top Notes: Lemon and Pine Needle 
Heart Notes: Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle
Base Notes: Sandalwood and Patchouli


SOIREE | Vanilla, Amber & Malt

Reminiscent of an aged whisky consumed in the afterglow of warm summer’s day, SOIREE is our private blend of smooth malt, rich amber and sweet vanilla.

Fragrance Notes:
Fragrance Family: Earthy
Top Notes: Pineapple and Orange
Heart Notes: Amber and Malt
Base Notes: Vanilla and Tonka Bean


TWILIGHT | Sage, Bergamot & Cedarwood

Whilst the day falls below the horizon, this complex and masculine blend of leafy greens and wood notes usher in the evening sky, making way for the stars, bringing TWILIGHT to life.

Fragrance Notes:
Fragrance Family: Fresh & Earthy
Top Notes: Bergamot and Lemon 
Heart Notes: Sage Leaf and Clove 
Base Notes: Amber and Cedarwood



VIVID | Black Currant, Apple & Raspberry

An expressive and eclectic blend of fruits and florals come together to create this VIVID fragrance which celebrates all things young, wild and free.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Fragrance Family:
    Fruity & Fresh
    Top Notes: 
    Black Currant, Apple and Raspberry
    Heart Notes: Rose, Cyclamen and Rhubarb
    Base Notes: Vanilla Sugar and White Musk