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A trip back in time

Milk bar is amazing, the smell is nostalgic just like going into a lolly Shop in the 1950's and smelling the sweet scent of the old fashioned musk sticks covered in icing sugar. I have only had it a short time and used half already. I have a large open area which is scented like musk sticks even though I have it in the bedroom. Amazingly enough even when the candle is not lit whilst going to sleep and on waking you can still delight in smelling the fragrance. You must be using top quality essences to achieve this lingering fragrance.

Jennifer Archie
Fantastic Melts

I abserloutley love these Melts,their fragrances are heavenly,it wafts through my entire house,and they're fabulous for deodorising the house of after maths cooking smells,love, love, love them,l have my Melts on constantly,day & night.I highly recommend you try them,if you haven't already.((😊)) 🌻

Victoria Piedade
Smells exactly like musk sticks!!

The scent is great and strong. I live in an apartment and I could smell it in the lobby! Works great in electric diffuser.

Brave centrepiece candle

Most amazing scented candles, everyone loves it. Cody is great to deal with, great communication fast well packed delivery.

Centrepiece SPICE

Definitely a 'happy dance' for the centrepiece Cody..Love love loving it, has a beautiful burn....just so natural....and the fragrance is sooooo good my almost 20yr Son even comments on it...That in its self is enough said🤣❤ Fantastic and oh l did mention great quality for the money.

Hi MzJenn, the centrepiece candles are a big hit! So pleased that you're enjoying it.

SPICE Candle
Bernadette Dawson
Love it

Fabulous depth, and complexity. I love that there isn't 1 dominant note just a beautiful balance

Hi Bernadette, Thank you for supporting my small business.

Worth every cent!!!

This candle I love, not only because its my fave scent out of the many scents available, but because when I light it it permeates through the entire house!! So many burning hours to enjoy this amazing aroma and its also beautiful to watch while it burns. These candles are just the BEST!!

Thanks Cailin! Glas you're enjoying SOIREE.

Musk Stick Delight

This candle is heavenly!! The beautiful woodwick creates the perfect ambience for relaxation and the scent is delicious too!!

Hi Anita, Wow - your MILK BAR centrepiece will be like living in a lolly shop! Glad you like it!

Jaydon Wong
Vivd melts

The answer is in the name what a great scent so many beautiful notes just Devine can’t wait to try others highly recommended

HI Jaydon, Thankyou! So glad that you like it.

GRIND Candle

Vintage centrepiece candle

Absolutely love the centrepiece candle ❤️Vintage is gorgeous, I haven’t had this fragrance before , gifted to my friend for her housewarming , and she loves it . It looks fantastic 🕯

The Trending Trio
Blissfully perfect

Worth every cent. I never spend much on candles, always a cheap Kmart one thrown in the trolley. Ive experienced the difference now and will be a reoccurring customer that’s for sure! Highly recommend! Thank you so much.

Hi Kate,
Welcome aboard the Urban Alchemy train! It's great to have a new follower.

A fantastic focal point!

This candle is huge! I don’t know how he does it but Cody has made a candle that really is a centrepiece. Lit or unlit this candle is a focal point on my coffee table. The white container works really well with my decor. It smells great all the time too. I’m looking forward to smelling the nautical fragrance for over 200 hours. Amazing!

Hi Tom,
In my recent survey you all asked for a centrepiece - well here it is! So glad that you like it, and thank you for supporting my small business.


What a wonderful smell to full the house with. The fragrance is long lasting, even when the candle isn't burning.

Hi Megan, you've hit the jackpot with MILK BAR. It's one of my favourites too! Enjoy.

Bigger and better!

We love the normal size Grind and its wonderful sweet coffee smell. Centrepiece Grind is just magnificent. Even when it’s not lit, we can smell its beautiful scent all over the house, and the best bit is that this candle will last for AGES!
Thank you so much Cory, it’s a winner!

Hi Nicki, I'm so pleased that you are enjoying Centrepiece Grind! It's like you're living in a coffee shop all day. Enjoy.

GRIND Candle
Despina Christoforou

One of my favorites.
This is the second one I have purchased and love it.

Hi Despina, Enjoy!

Another winner

Love this candle! Its beautiful fresh and comforting scent smells like clear snowy days, dried orange wreaths on doors, and a hint of wood fires. I'm from the freezing cold northern hemisphere and the minute I smelled this candle I was brought back to my childhood visiting my grandparents in the days after Christmas. Thank you, Cody.

Hi Eli,
Yes, it's another fragrance that takes you back to those lovely memories. Enjoy!

VIVID Candle
Sharyn Taylor

Thought I may have found this candle too sweet but I now love it. It is fresh and fun and gives my bathroom and lovely scent.

Hi Sharyn,
VIVID is perfect for the bathroom!

New favorite

A new love. Wonderful fragrance that fills the home. Thanks again for the thought and love you put into these beautiful candles.

Hi Lynda, Thank YOU for supporting my small business.

Jacqueline Fletcher

This is my second purchase. The musk stick lollie scent is divine. It’s a wander down memory lane to the past but it is also a subtle fragrance that refreshed the senses! I have had so many compliments on the smell when friends and family walk into the house. It is not a scent that fads or is too empowering. It reminds me of happiness and love! The defuser is delightful and I can’t wait to try the melts. Comes packaged beautiful and these candles last!

Hi Jacqueline, You've come on board the memory lane train. Welcome and thank you!

Loreena Mitchell
Just Perfect

The wax melt scent subtly defuses throughout my bathroom and as I walk past the bathroom door, the scents draws me in like a silent invitation, beaconing me to take a warm relaxing bath. Which after a long day makes it an irresistible invitation. Twilight complements all the other scents that are defusing throughout my home.

Wow Loreena, how very poetic! So pleased that TWILIGHT relaxes you!

Gorgeous New Scent

I’m loving this new scent from Cody. I’ve long been a fan of the black label scents as they are masculine and remind me of expensive aftershave. Spice is no exception. It is subtle yet works in both the kitchen and the lounge. I get hits of orange and delicate clove. I did initially wonder if it would smell of Christmas but it really doesn’t. It’s a fantastic scent to have in the house. I’ll be buying more of these..

Thanks Tom. I'm loving that my fave customers are enjoying SPICE.

Spice Candle

Great warm smell with just the rights amount of clove and cinnamon. Just right as the evenings begin to draw in on Melbourne

Hi JPB, it's great to hear that SPICE is making a bit hit! And, you're so right about the Melbourne evenings drawing in - it's the perfect fragrance for the upcoming winter months! Enjoy!

Kelly Kessels
It smells expensive

The smell is Devine …. Reminds me a little of expensive aftershave. I’m kicking myself I only order one 💜

Hi Kelly, you can always order more


Really love this new fragrance - just enough of a hint of clove & cardamom, with the burnt orange shining through in all its citrusy glory! Thanks for your gorgeous candles Cody! Thanks, Linda

Hi Linda, thank you so much! It's great to hear that my hard work is paying off to my beautiful customers.